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The portable ejector fan is a rugged and simple device designed to control ventilation by either exhausting air out or forcing fresh air in. The blade design provides for sure operation under severe conditions. Motors are available in either totally enclosed or explosion proof. The units conform to OSHA regulations and are easily portable. Areas of application range from farm and industry to fire and emergency police.

Flexible duct hose is available for both the 16" and 20" portable ejector fans. These durable hoses are available in 20 foot lengths and provide the ability to intake or exhaust air through an opening some distance away. The hose is quickly connected to a mounting flange by a single clamp. The mounting flange and hardware are included with the hose. The hose is disconnected and easily collapsed for convenient storage. It should be noted that when a duct hose is added to a fan, it will increase resistance and reduce the cubic feet per minute of air the fan will move.


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